The Goal

There is so much information out there these days on health and wellness, tips, tricks and trends pulling you in all directions. The fact is that a lot of the information out there is not always reliable and many of us simply don’t have the time to sift through hundreds of websites to find a platform that inspires and motivates us in an authentic way.

Cafe-Balance is not about pursuing someone else's idea of perfection, it's about pushing yourself to grow and fuel your body in a healthful balanced way, so that you can be comfortable with yourself and have the energy to do what you love the most.


Why a cafe?

Although not an actual physical cafe...there is something about the 'togetherness' & culture of a cafe that I wanted to capture in the Cafe-Balance community. A place where anyone is welcome to share a passion for health, nutrition, movement, travel & living a balanced life.


Who is Cafe-balance For?

Any woman who loves to move, whether it be Pilates, Yoga or Dance, discover a nutrition lifestyle to build your own balanced body.




Where did it all start?

After finishing my degree in dance I found myself fascinated by the way in which the body works, and how we can shape and change it according to what we eat, how we move and the lifestyle we live. I went on to study Pilates and now my Bsc in Nutrition and have loved the process of discovering how to live 'well'. I love working with Dancers, Yogis & Pilates students of all ages and from all walks of life, they encourage me as a teacher & trainer to keep growing and sharing what I have learned over the years. Balancing our bodies, by integrating healthy eating, movement and lifestyle is the core to Cafe-Balance. Nourishing who we are and who we want to be.

Sure being good at your job, achieving goals, relationships, being healthy, travel and staying active are all important parts of life, the trick is finding the balance so that you can live your best life.


The aim is to share and learn together, while celebrating all the great experiences the world has to offer… the BALANCED way.