Take A Moment

CAFE-BALANCE by Anna Donkin

CAFE-BALANCE by Anna Donkin

So often we get consumed by the possibilities of the future or get totally lost in the memories of the past. 

This year I have become so aware of the beauty of the moment. 

Let's be honest... How often when we look for inspiration in life, do we look to a different time? We are somehow never satisfied with where we are. We are constantly planning the next holiday, setting goals to a fitter more toned body, setting ridiculous goals to exercise more than is practically possible. We want to see more, learn more, do more. 

Life has become about deadlines, ego and ambition. Constantly in competition with someone or wanting to get somewhere in life that is different to the here & now. 

Don't get me wrong, it is important to keep moving forward and growing as a person, improving and changing is such a beautiful part of being human. But there is also a beauty in being still for a moment, looking around and reflecting on what life has given you. 

My challenge to myself this year and to all of you Cafe-B's is to look at where you are now in this moment, and despite the goals you would like to achieve or what your experiences of the past may have been, embrace life as it is now. Accept your body, your skin, your career, your loved ones and take a moment to celebrate the small achievements. 

Only when we are in a place of calm and reflection can we truly assess how to move forward. 

Many of my nutrition clients set themselves up for failure before they even begin the journey to health & balance. They are so concerned about what they want to look like at the end of the road, that they get lost along the way. 

Eating mindfully and well, is about nourishing your body & soul. The result of finding THAT balance, is a beautiful body. And yes, it may take a little time to get there. 

Rather than focusing on how much weight you want to lose, focus on every plate of food in front of you each day. Have you made meal times a beautiful experience or are you rushing around eating boring bland versions of what could be a thoughtfully constructed plate of food. 

Steam the chicken and slice it with love and care, take a moment to make an apple cider glaze and drizzle it over the rocket and baby tomatoes. Sprinkle a pinch of sea salt and pepper over the chicken, take your plate out onto the patio or to the balcony and enjoy a good half hour of calm. Don't just drink water out of the bottle, pack a slice of lemon or fruit to pop into it. It's about loving yourself just enough that your body knows it is being taken care of. Trust me you'll feel the difference.

My sister in law once told me, "you can't serve tea when your tea pot is empty" it's so true. You will never achieve something if you can't commit and see it through to the end. When it comes to nutrition it's a daily commitment to your body. 

Take a moment, and it will change the way you live your life.