The Perfect Plate

Info Overload

We all know that we have to eat certain things to keep our bodies going. The problem is that most people don’t really understand what that means. Sure we’ve all heard that it’s important to eat clean healthy food, and I’m sure that we’ve heard terms like organic, paleo, banting, low carb, calorie controlled over and over again. But what does that all mean and how do we find our own balance?

The problem at the moment is that there is so much information out there, most of which make perfect sense and some of which really does work if you apply it in isolation. However, it starts to get confusing when you start combining different analogies and diet theories that contradict each other, and trust me if your mind is getting confused so will your body.

Finding Balance On Your Plate

Ok so I hear you… how to we get to a place where we can be comfortable with the food choices we are making without second guessing ourselves. I call it the Perfect Plate concept. Rather than focus on what not to eat & always depriving your body, look at how many amazing options you have to work with. I always say that you should only eat food that you can recognise, that means it hasn’t been processed into an unrecognisable state. Always make sure that you pile half of your plate high with steamed, roasted or raw vegetables/salad, they contain nutrients, fibre and complex carbohydrates that are crucial for your body’s function. Once half your plate is full of healthy vibrant colour, you can pay attention to your protein choice. Each person can eat about his or her own palm size of protein at a mealtime, that makes it easy to measure.

Fat vs Carb?

If you are eating more ‘carby’ veggies i.e. Butternut, sweet potato etc. it is advisable to remove visible fat from your animal protein. If however you are not eating starchy food, your body will process the fat for energy. Just remember my golden rule… No obvious animal Fat and obvious Carb within 3 hours of each other. They are both energy sources and the blood sugar spike from the carb will leave the fat energy source hanging around. The 3-hour gap will give your body enough time to process the energy source you have chosen.

Just a note, cutting out whole food groups altogether is not advised, Fats, Carbs & Protein all have their place and play a crucial role in the body and how it functions. Though I’m the first to prioritise protein & good fats over empty carbs.