The Truth About Exercise

I have seen it happen to so many of my friends and clients. They find a new trendy exercise program that promises to sculpt and tone their body to perfection. They start the program feeling genuinely inspired and driven, waking up an hour earlier to pull on those track shoes and get the bod going. Only to realize, a few days into the program, that they are feeling physically exhausted and drained.


Why is this?

You’ll hear me say this often enough, but your mind-set is an incredibly powerful tool that drives you in a very specific direction. It is directly aligned with your body & your emotional state.  If you initially start a program from a space of negativity or unhappiness the chances are that you won’t make it to your goal. You can’t focus primarily on the fact that you are unhappy in your own skin and you want a slimmer body, sure you can acknowledge that you may not be in the best shape of your life, but move onto something positive & motivating. I suggest focusing on 3 main points, i.e.

1-   You want a happier healthier body

2-   You want improved energy levels

3-   You want to love the way you feel when you look in the mirror


Too much exercise?

Yes that’s correct… if you overload your body with too much exercise, that is beyond your level of experience or ability, you will collapse in a heap way before you reach the finish line. Not to mention the negative repercussions of ‘not feeling good enough, strong enough, fit enough’, which always leads to throwing in the towel & giving up or even worse injuring yourself.

Our bodies are built to survive, so if it feels like it is under pressure or strain it will do what it must to cope. This may even include things like; holding onto excess water, storing energy, getting rid of toxins through skin breakouts, digestive issues, sugar cravings…to name a few.


Be Realistic

Set realistic goals. It is far more motivational and much more fun achieving 3 or 4 smaller goals in the time that it would take to achieve one ‘out of reach goal’. Remember each step in the right direction counts. Strength is built through discipline and perseverance, constantly maintaining and building on what you have set out to achieve…not ‘binge exercising’ or overworking.


What should exercise do for you?

Exercise is a space where you give your body an opportunity to move, improve circulation and progressively build lean muscle. But, more importantly it is a time that you dedicate to taking care of yourself, assessing where you are in life and how you are truly feeling.

Rather than overdo the exercise relook at your approach.

Quality is always better than Quantity! Take it down a notch and commit yourself to doing 30-45 mins of lighter exercise every morning before breakfast as part of your daily routine. This could be a walk in the fresh air, a Pilates session, a Café-Balance Flow session or yoga. Something that you really enjoy that will energise your body and not exhaust your body. I alternate between 30 mins of Stretching, Pilates or 60 mins  Floor Barre [Honestly in winter I even do it in my PJ’s on my yoga mat next to my bed].

Once you have established this time and you find that you finish work/school early some days, or if you have already scheduled another exercise class in the week i.e. dance class/training/rehearsals etc. you can push yourself in that time, knowing that you have already taken care of the body’s foundation conditioning. Your body will thank you for it.