Healthy on a Shoestring

I've heard it a million times before, that being healthy is expensive. I know it's difficult to argue when you compare the price of whole healthy products to the refined nonsense that seems to fill the supermarkets these days. But the truth is that in the long run investing a little more on wholesome food will save you on medical costs later on, as well as improve your over all quality of life.

But sure, lets save where we can and see how to get around the vast expense that seems to surround the word 'HEALTHY'. Yesterday I went on a mission to find things like almond flour, whey powder, coconut etc. that i use every day to bake and prepare my daily meals and snacks. Firstly, what does stand out is that if you are looking for quick pre prepared convenience meals, you are definitely going to pay a little more. Even dashing off to the shop around the corner for these things are a bit pricey. My advice is to find a time where you can go and visit a baking warehouse or food wholesaler. They sell all the different varieties of flours, milk powders, dried fruits, dark cocoa to name a few, in bulk. So per 100g you end up paying much less. You can store the products in air tight containers and store them in your pantry for when you need them.

I must admit it was a little strange finding myself in the baking aisle amongst all the sugar moulds, cake tins and other sweet goodies you wouldn't associate with healthy, but there really were some gems. One of my favourite finds was the 'ESSENCE AISLE' as I like to call it, with rows of interesting flavoured to chose from. Can you imagine a condensed milk, amarula or peppermint flavoured coconut cream ice cream, totally sugar free, vegan, banting & paleo friendly or whatever lifestyle you have chosen to follow. Such a treat! And good for the mind, body & soul. 

So go a little outing and stock up on all your essentials without breaking the budget.

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