BioBackHaus Charlottenburg

One of the things I love most about Germany, is being able to walk down the road and on every block you will find a bakery that produces wonderful fresh options for breakfast, lunch or to take home with you to your family.
This morning I was not feeling particularly inspired by my standard 'at home muesli & yoghurt' combo, as much as I love it. I had some time on my hands so I decided to go for a walk in search of my coffee and a fresh balanced breakfast. It didn't take me long, I walked just 200m from my apartment, around a corner I hadn't explored before, I stumbled upon the Bio & Back Haus. Situated in the West of Berlin in Charlottenburg near the Universities & Zoo, it's nice to see trendy fresh cafes popping up. At first glance it looks like your standard grab & go small bakery, but when I stepped in, I realized I had found another Berlin gem. Naturally you can choose from their selection of fresh baked wholesome rolls known as Brotchens in this city, most people will 'grab and go' with what they need, on their way to work with a takeaway coffee. But it's always great to find a spot where you can sit for a moment, enjoy your coffee calmly. I had a closer look, and behind the bakery is a little cafe style seating area, beautifully decorated with wooden tables and fresh flowers, and did I mention that it's family friendly too (shout out to the moms & dads out there). They have a clean bathroom and baby seat if you need it.
In terms of what they offer, BioBack Haus also have a breakfast buffet & menu with everything a person could want, including a range of country style muesli, yoghurt, sliced cold meats cheeses, cooked breakfasts, quiches & more, these are all served with their fresh breads (very German!)
I know what you are thinking...why is a Nutritionist recommending bread? Well, Bio Back Haus is known for using certified bio products, their healthy bread options are packed with fiber, seeds, nuts etc. and many of their sandwiches are filled with a sliced boiled egg and fresh salad. Trust me, when you are walking around as much as you do here in Berlin, it's a great way to fuel your body with energy for the day.
Of course you will need to overlook their delicious dessert style croissants & other sweet treats if you are trying to stay healthy. But, if you are looking for a weekly treat, you'll find it here. Did I mention that their coffee also delicious? Considering I'm a bit of a coffee snob I was really happy sipping away at my Americano.
The menu is very well priced & you will enjoy a coffee & snack without breaking the budget. The fact that you order and pay at the counter makes the service experience swift & efficient.
I hope you give it a try & enjoy it as much as I did.