Seared salmon with sesame nut cabbage

Friday night dinner. So excited that Norwegian Salmon is pretty common place here in Europe.

10 min prep time-


1/2 cabbage chopped

2 Tbs Olive oil

3Tbs Sesame seeds

1Tbs nut butter of choice

Dried rosemary spice

2x 125g salmon portions

1 carrot

1x Bread roll of choice [Gluten free, rye, low carb, ciabatta]

Plain Greek or Bulgarian yoghurt


Roughly chop the cabbage and stir fry with olive oil & rosemary.

Remove from the heat and mix the nut butter through the warm cabbage, adding the sesame seeds. Place the cabbage into a serving dish, keep it warm until ready for serving.

Heat the same pan (it should already have a coating of oil and moisture from the cabbage. Pan sear the salmon fillets 125g p/p (I like my fish juicy so I usually do about 2 mins on ach side), Remove from the pan and allow the fish to rest for 2 mins. While the fish is resting, place the slices of carrot and toast into the left over pan juices. The carrot will start to caramalise and the toast should brown slightly and start to ressemble a 'crostini'.

Place a hearty serving of the cabbage in a bowl or plate, top with the fish, carrot, crostini and serve with a dollop of fresh Greek/Bulgarian yoghurt. 

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