Italy Travel Tips

Italy is a country rich in culture, architecture and history. When you find yourself standing under one of the extraordinary landmarks like the Duomo in Milan or the Colosseum in Rome, it’s easy to understand why Italy is one of Europe’s top destinations. Here are my list of sights, foodie spots & travel tips for some of the main cities.

Accommodation in Italy

In Italy, like most European countries, the accommodation options range from affordable b&b style homes & airbnb rooms/apartments to beautiful boutique hotels. It really depends on the type of holiday you are looking for.

Transport in Italy

Although I love walking and Italian cities are very much a walkable, with the many beautiful parks and gardens. I always like having the option of using public transport, should I want to get somewhere quickly or if you’d like to adventure a little further out of the city.

The first step is to get a day, 48 hour, 3 day or week transport ticket at any of the underground or train stations ticket machines. All the machines should have various language options if your Italian is a little rusty. These travel tickets allow you to travel on any of the metro busses, trams, undergrounds and trains. It is a stress free way of getting around the city and lets you avoid the stress and expense of buying an individual ticket every single time you need to travel. You also end up seeing far more of the city since you have unlimited access. Trust me when I say it’s worth it especially if the architecture and culture is your main interest!

The other option is to invest in a City pass card, this is a general 48 or 72 hour pass available in most European cities. It includes all public transport as well as entrance and discounts to churches, museums and a selection of restaurants. Although it feels like quite an expense initially, it does tend to amount to less than spending on individual entrance tickets. This is worth considering if you would like to have access inside the galleries, museums and other historic buildings.